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Sing a New Song with Your Lives

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It is good to be here with you today to celebrate the Eucharist in honor of your patron, Saint Cecilia. I’m also happy to honor your vocation as sacred music ministers.

As you well know, the spirit of our Catholic liturgy is the spirit of music and song. To give glory and praise to the living God, human speech alone can only take us so far. Words alone can never be enough. We need to pay Him homage with songs of joy and with instruments made for praise.

Saint Augustine said that our faith in Christ puts a new song on our lips and in our hearts. He writes: “Only the new man learns [this song] – the man restored from his fallen condition through the grace of God and now sharing in the new covenant, that is, the Kingdom of heaven.”1 That is one reason why our liturgy is made to be sung – the Kyrie, the Gloria, the Sanctus, the Agnus Dei, the Pater Noster.

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